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The Tilted Kiln, LLC

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The Tilted Kiln is a full-service Pottery and Ceramics studio and store. They are the areas only full supplier of equipment and supplies needed for the art and craft dealing with clay. Their studio is home to many local artists and their creations are on display in their very own The Tilted Kiln Gallery. While they offer many choices for individuals to come in and purchase, they also offer educational opportunities as well. They have several teachers who instruct on the potter's wheel and hand building, and they gear several classes to the youth. The Tilted Kiln has also recently been voted as Best of Southern Utah’s Best Location to Hold a Child's Birthday Party and Best of Southern Utah’s Best Art Gallery. They are so honored to receive those titles and are humbled at the support they get from the community. It has been a great opportunity to serve Southern Utah and the surrounding region for 9 years now, and they will continue to provide great service and supplies for many more years to follow.


  • Paint Your Own Pottery
  • Wheel Throwing Classes
  • Kids Classes
  • Homeschool Classes
  • Supplies and equipment available


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