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About Us

In May 2011, Doug and Denice Dunker purchased the practice of Precision Hearing which has been located on Tabernacle Street since 1988. Doug has been practicing as a Hearing Instrument Specialist since 1999, and became Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences in 2004. Doug loves to help improve relationships which are often strained by hearing loss and provides the care and understanding for the hard of hearing individual and his or her family. Precision Hearing has significantly upgraded their office equipment and incorporated some of the most advanced diagnostic testing equipment in the industry. This allows for Precision Hearing to obtain the best possible fit and performance that you can expect with your hearing aids. It is the goal of Precision Hearing to educate every adult in the area about how untreated hearing loss can have a negative impact on your quality of life. Decreased earning potential, increased risk of falls, isolation, depression, and frustrated family members and co-workers are just a few negative consequences of untreated hearing loss. We invite everyone here, to come and visit Precision Hearing for a free hearing screening and consultation.