Intermountain LiVe Well Center


Health & Fitness Center

About Us

In order to obtain true health and wellness, people need more than just medications, surgeries and doctor visits ? they need to establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle. That is why Dixie Regional Medical Center and Intermountain Healthcare has developed the LiVe Well Center to serve as a compliment to their clinical programs by giving people the motivation to change behaviors and become truly well. LiVe Well uses a whole-person approach ? body, mind and spirit ? to help you achieve a sustainable quality of life, along with a positive sense of wellbeing. They offer health promotion programs for people of all ages and also serve as a gateway to a long list of services available at the hospital ? streamlining your access to physicians, nurses, therapists, athletic trainers, dietitians, exercise physiologists, social workers, gerontologists and more. Their team of licensed and experienced health professionals is ready to support, inform and encourage you along your road to better health and wellness.