Zeppe's Italian Ice and Frozen Custard



About Us

Zeppe's is dedicated to making amazing frozen desserts and their Italian water ice and old fashioned frozen custard are FANTASTIC! Italian water ice is a frozen dessert that has the texture and consistency of ice cream, but contains no fat, no cholesterol, and is dairy free. It is made with fresh fruit puree, natural flavorings, sugar and water. Old fashioned custard is an egg based, dense, creamy, premium ice cream. The egg base gives it a richer flavor, velvety smooth texture and with less air than ice cream a denser consistency. Gelatas are their most popular menu items because they are the best of both worlds--your choice of chocolate or vanilla old fashioned custard is layered with your favorite flavor of Italian water ice for a truly tempting dessert! The Italian water ice and old fashioned custard are made fresh daily at each Zeppe's store. They use only the finest quality ingredients mixed with lots of love to give their customers the most amazing frozen treats in Utah.