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XiiiUSA-We are the common denominator - ''Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude..., shall exist within the United States...'' In humanity's history, no other entity has had the power to enslave more than technology. With the right information in the palms of the people, we can take control back! The time to act is now! For this purpose was the Digital Enterprise Initiative™ created. It is the backbone of The New World Order™. Small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses now have a simple resource for digital optimization. Visit: www.thedei.com, www.thedigitalenterpriseinitiative.com. Cybersecurity, Domains, Website, Emails, Marketing, URL audit, Logo Design, and much more. The time to act is now!

The New World Order™ serves to protect the species and preserve the planet. The cause and purpose of coining the phrase and registering the servicemark are to stand as a SINGLE source of truth for the subject. Don't let any other mechanisms of thought tarnish the objectives of developing, protecting, and preserving humanity's dignity.

Resources on how to develop your body and mind and how to preserve the planet will forever be accessible on www.thenewworldorder.com. For your convenience, www.thenwo.com.


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