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We are a health and wellness company that loves to share the freedom and benefits of using Essential Oil. We have been using and teaching about Essential oils for 12 years. There are 3 cools things about essential oils, that is they are Safe, Affordable, and Effective. Rech out to us for a FREE Sample and Education on These Amazing oils and learn that Not All Essential oils are created Equal.


Love doTERRA Convention!
Presenting in front of 600 people We love talking about Wellness.
Gallery Image 2019-03-19_17-57-17_044.jpeg
Wow! I cna t believe we did it We made Blue Diamond With the best partner in the world!
Another amazing convention!
Getting Ready to walking as Diamonds at the company Gala.
Walking as doTERRA Diamonds
Cachay is sucha dynamic presenter. Here she is talking about personalities.
Walking as Blue Diamonds to the song we wrote and recorded.
We love our amazing Team of leaders
This is in Nepal Where I was able to do some amazing work to build a earthquake proof school!