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Workers Comp & Adoptions:
Tim Daniels Law Services has been helping injured workers in Southern Utah since 2011. Injured workers (or their spouse) often call Mr. Daniels with questions, and he regularly provides free case reviews and consultation. To help those who do not call, Mr. Daniels provides timely, relevant information on his blog at www.utahlionlaw.com and on his Youtube channel. Mr. Daniels gives injured workers correct information and guidance up front to preserve their legal rights. Often a simple phone call to an attorney can make a big difference in the case. Mr. Daniels gets results: He has helped his clients obtain six-figure workers comp settlements in cases where the insurance company (WCF or others) denied liability. Mr. Daniels knows the system and how to get the evidence needed to build strong workers comp cases.
Mr. Daniels also enjoys helping couples with adoption services. He helps clients with foster-parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, private adoptions and subsequent adoptions.


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