Siva Pasefika

Siva Pasefika

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About Us

Siva Pasefika was first and foremost created to teach culture and the exotic dances from the Islands of Polynesia. Being Masters of the Polynesian art of dance we have extended our instruction to other dance genres and formats as well as the practice of Yoga and Meditation. These practices are held at the exclusive Studio Siva Pasefika noted by all who enter as a gathering place of Aloha and Ohana. Graced by luscious green plants, adorned with artwork of the South Pacific, Studio Siva Pasefika transports you to a delightful tropical bliss upon entering.
Do you have an event that needs music and entertainment? We provide Polynesian entertainment and music from the fire knife dance of Samoa to the infamous Haka of New Zealand. Private lessons, Bachelorette parties, Birthday Parties, DJ Services, Studio Rental, Entertainment is our business.

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