Silver Reef Brewing Company



About Us

A few years ago the founders of St. George’s Beverage Co. were traveling through Southern Utah. (Our families vacation in Washington County and have generations of ancestors in Southern Utah.) We recognized that the City of St. George was in need of a WORLD CLASS BEVERAGE COMPANY.

We went to work, purchased property in Ft. Pierce Industrial Park, and obtained approval from St. George City and the State of Utah. We are pleased to announce Silver Reef Brewing Company is nearing completion and will be opening soon.

In addition to brewing beer and root beer (non-alcoholic) we have also been able to secure a winery license and soon a distillery license. Our Brewmaster and our team have over 75 years of brewing experience, winning numerous national awards. Our beer and beverages will be WORLD CLASS.

The winery is producing Southern Utah Wine from Chanella Farms (owned by one of our Founders and located on Pine Valley Mountain), whose vineyard has nine varieties of wine grapes and been producing wine since 2012.