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DSU Career Services

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About Us

Career Services prepares DSU students and alumni to begin successful and fulfilling careers by providing comprehensive career development and help building their professional work.

Our Career Counselors strive to help DSU students make short term and long term goals needed to provide knowledge and skills for future career and life decisions. We continually increase in knowledge and resources to benefit all stakeholders and to be the experts in career development on our campus.

Our Employer Relations team is a proven and valuable resource in facilitating connections between employers and students. Our team is committed to building, enhancing, and strengthening relationships with employers to directly benefit students by providing internships, experiential learning, and employment opportunities.


  • 98% of DSU 2015-16 graduates are employed or pursing graduate school.
  • 55% of DSU 2015-16 graduates make between $30,000 - $50,000 per year.