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Cogent Strategic Wealth offers a better solution for high achievers and earners who are at the top of their game. Our clients have a common goal: ultimately, they want work to be optional and a guide to help them do so. They find confidence and clarity knowing their definition of success is on the right track. They feel empowered through our Design | Build | Protect Life on Your Terms strategic approach. They insist on working with a fiduciary advisor who puts their interest first, understands their core values and goals, and is a partner with whom to collaborate as life happens.

Our approach is guided by more than 60 years of objective, peer-reviewed research on how markets work. The strategies in your investment plan are risk-optimized, cost-effective and tax-efficient to enhance your odds of living the life you’ve imagined.

With our strategic and scientific approach to investing and financial planning — there’s little room for guesswork as we
financial strategy. Design | Build | Protect your financial strategy to Live Life on Your Terms


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