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I have been an independent Nikken consultant for over 12 years. I was blessed to be introduced to their products by a close friend who knew I had issues from a fall I'd experienced. After sleeping on her magnetic sleep set just one night, my leg pain was gone. Since then, I have seen many people have truly amazing health results from Nikken's technologies.

Nikken is a Research and Development company which has been replicating the earth's natural energies in their products and technologies for over 40 years, addressing life's vital elements. These include alkaline, mineralized water, quality sleep, clean air, organic nutrition, magnetic energy, and natural, full-spectrum light.

One lady who wanted to try a gallon of water from Nikken's Waterfall system called a few days later to tell me she'd had stomach aches for 60 years but after drinking the water, her stomach issues were gone. I was thrilled for her and her wonderful health results, thinking to myself, ''This is why I do this.''

Nikken believes in self-care and active wellness. These will help us create a healthy environment for our families and us to counteract our toxic world. We need to be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance.


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