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About Us

Utah Public Lands Alliance (UPLA) is a non-profit all-volunteer 501 c (3) organization formed in March of 2014. They are dedicated to keeping public lands open for public use. They are located in St. George, Utah, and have been involved in projects throughout Utah. UPLA has excellent working relationships with local city, county, state, and federal governments. They work closely with several clubs, most notably the Desert Roads And Trails Society (DRATS). DRATS has been a major contributor to UPLA, with over eighty thousand dollars in contributions since 2015. Their first major project was to keep the Sand Mountain Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) intact. They have been successful in reaching that goal. They also work on other projects to maintain sustainable OHV recreation such as signage, facilities, cleanups, and trail maintenance. In St. George and Moab, they support ongoing projects to provide map signage on trails.