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T.J. Clark


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About Us

In 1920, Tom Clark was given the gift of health through his discovery of the Sacred Spring and his subsequent discovery of the source of its power. Whether his discovery was strictly by chance or divine guidance, he realized that he had not only been given the gift of health, but he was provided a way to make his living by helping others.

Today, T. J. Clark & Company is still a family owned business. They are dedicated to continuing the four-generation tradition of sharing with the families of the world, the health and opportunity that this precious phenomenon has provided for so many years. Through T. J. Clark products, they will continue their dedication to ensure the purity and effectiveness of this miraculous, natural, body essential resource, and provide, at the lowest possible cost, the formulas that have, for over 90 years, significantly contributed to the health and well-being of men, women and children everywhere.