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In business since 2006, and collaborating from both St George, UT and Las Vegas, NV, Avis Bata and Joanie Ayers are Arrange Interior Design.

Your home, office, or commercial property represents a significant investment of time, effort and money. But, to put your best foot forward, it needs to reflect you — your warmth, personality and professionalism. Hiring a professional designer is an insurance policy, a guarantee that your space will produce the exact effect you are after. They offer a personalized approach to all aspects of interior design. They determine their clients’ unique style and make certain their personality is reflected in their home or place of business. They visualize the entire project from start to finish, from lighting to flooring, from painting to furnishings. They understand how their clients “live” in their homes, what’s important and what is not.
Arrange Interior Design develops the detailed specifications that become the blueprint for the entire project.