Utah Adoption Law Center

Utah Adoption Law Center


About Us

The Utah Adoption Law Center is an adoption law firm. Our adoption attorneys represent people seeking to adopt a child.
We handle the following types of cases:
--Foster Child Adoption (DCFS)
--Step-child Adoption
--Interstate Adoption (ICPC)
--Private Adoption
--Guardianship to Adoption
--Open Adoption
--Single-parent Adoption
--Step-parent Adoption
--Kinship Adoption
--Paternity / Birth Parent
--Pre-birth Petitions for Adoption
--Litigated Adoptions
--Termination of Parental Rights
--Adult Adoption
We are not an adoption agency as we do not provide matching services. However, we have relationships with adoption agencies as we are a member of the Utah Adoption Council. Our goal is to give our clients as much of a care-free adoption experience as possible by (1) gathering information and evidence on the front end so we can win if litigation is required, (2) keeping our clients informed of the case status, (3) being available for client questions, and (4) keeping costs down where possible.


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