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About Us

Solomon's Porch Foursquare Fellowship believes that we are meant to celebrate the victorious Christian lifestyle and that the words fun and church can and do belong in the same sentence. At the Porch we do that by combining upbeat contemporary worship music with solid bible teaching that brings the history of the bible alive while taking a balanced approach to the bible, avoiding extremes and seeking to understand the original intent of what God was saying when the text was written. We provide a comfortable atmosphere with intentionally casual attire that says the Lord does not care what you wear, just that your'e there. Solomon's Porch believes that we best serve God by serving our community and by building unity in Christ and sharing joy through living a Spirit filled life, allowing others to witness what a life saved by grace looks like. If dry and stale religion is not to your liking and being part of a family of believers that has thrown off organized religion and embraced relationship Christianity sounds like fun, then come and visit us at the Porch, stay for lunch and prepare to be transformed. And don't be surprised if the kids start waking you up on Sunday because at the Porch we GET to go to church.