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Neighborhood Connection helps children who receive free or reduced-cost meals at school by providing them with food to take home over the weekends. The children receive two breakfasts, two snacks, and two lunches to help ensure they have adequate nutrition – because we believe no child should go hungry.

Neighborhood Connection is a small group of volunteers who has big goals! We want to provide meals for children in need. Children are given a hot meal during the school week, however on the weekends many children go hungry. Sunset Elementary School will be our target school for 2017-18 school year.

Sunset Elementary School will be the first school we provide assistance to 72% of the students at Sunset Elementary receive free or reduced lunch. There are also approximately fifty students who are homeless.

• 100% of all donations stay in Washington County to cover the cost of providing children in need with food on the weekends.
• Sponsor a child for a school year: $200
• Sponsor a child for a month: $20

Donations Needed
• Sliding zip lock gallon size bags
• Individual service microwaveable meals, 7-8 oz. example: Mac’ n Cheese, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken and Rice, etc.
• Applesauce, fruit cup or squeeze fruit pouch
• Pudding cup (shelf staple)
• Juice box or pouch
• Instant oatmeal packet
• Individual size peanut butter crackers or cheese and crackers
• Granola bar
• Fruit snacks (individual size)
• Cash donations are always appreciated


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