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Bi-Tapp, INC

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Bi-Tapp calms your nervous system down naturally, through bilateral tapping. (tapping on each side of your body, back and forth) The tappers do the tapping for you. You can hold the tappers, wear them on your wrists, place them in your pockets or socks.

Bi-Tapp is being used by people of all ages to reduce anxiety, improve focus and improve the quality of sleep.

When we are relaxed, calm and feel safe, we function at our best. When we become overwhelmed or stressed, a different part of the brain jumps in the driver's seat to help release stress hormones to "help" us deal with the current stressor. We need this process to happen when we are truly in danger, but this process actually isn't helpful in most situations. Bilateral tapping is the easiest and fastest way to settle down the part of the brain that becomes overactive, so your thinking brain is back in the driver's seat.

Simple solution, non-invasive, works for all ages.

With Bi-Tapp, you have a resource you can take with you and use anytime you need to. The tappers connect to the Bi-Tapp App, you select the settings (rate of speed of the bilateral tapping, rate of speed of the bilateral tapping) that are calming to you.


The tappers do the bilateral tapping for you, giving you a resource you can use anytime.
You can choose black or white tappers.
Pair the tappers to the Bi-Tapp App so you can choose the settings you like.
Place the tappers on each side of your body. You can hold the tappers.
You can wear the tappers on your wrists.
You can place the tappers in your pockets.
You can place the tappers in your socks.
The Bi-Tapp kit comes with a splitter cable and tappers.