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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Realtors Gone Rogue! They have come together as a conglomerate of prestigious Summit Sotheby's International Realty Agents in St. George, UT to bring you updates in the real estate market, fun stuff reviews, and whole bunches of silly goose videos because they are all fully grown, 12-year-old adults! They want to put a different spin on real estate content as just about everything out there seems to put everyone into a boredom induced coma...That being said, they love feedback! They are just getting started with these shenanigans while figuring out their path as well as asking young people, ''How does this damn thing work?!?!?'' like, a group of parents trying to do the tech things is making all of us question our life choices..... Anywhoo... be gentle people! They want to know what you would like to see and/or learn about! They are all ears! On behalf of Taylor Jensen and his hetero-life mates, Alex Ludlow and Eddy Ortiz...they are very excited to get this ship a'sailin' and make ya'll giggle in the process! Stay tuned!!!