Healthy Morning Sun, LLC

Healthy Morning Sun, LLC

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About Us

Helping others to make smarter food choices and achieve optimal wellness through their diet and fitness.

Healthy Morning Sun is a life's perspective. Upon waking each day, we are provided with the chance to make healthier decisions that will optimize our health and vitality.

Healthy Morning Sun, LLC is a small business that is passionate about guiding others in their food choices and helping them to find solace in daily movement. Without momentum and proper nutrition, there can be no health.

Our vitality is discovered through our commitment to nourishing our bodies with nutrient-dense foods and making the conscious effort to exercise daily.

Allow us to mentor you back to better health and wellness.

We are offering nutrition and fitness plans, one on one coaching and mentorship, customized and personal approaches to nutrition counseling and training plans personalized to fit your busy schedule that will work for you and keep you motivated.

We are especially passionate about helping teach athletes how to eat to provide their energy for performance and necessary nutrients for recovery.



Take back your confidence, as you learn to eat for energy and clean up your plate while losing weight!
One on One coaching on nutrition and weightlifting performance.